Sunday, March 1, 2009

Life. I muses.

Yeah we have sun. I should stay around till middle week at least. The temperatures have been at freezing so it hasn't been much fun going outside to clean out my car.
Fey and I have been trying to start getting up at 8 am. We feel that the house is sleeping to late. I am still trying to get a picture of Fey jumping on Auntie in bed, No luck yet. Speaking of bedrooms, Fey has started cleaning her out. We might be able to paint in the spring.
Well, 'The Pet' called us. He may be moving in with us for a while. He is having no luck finding a job lately, as like everyone else in this country. Right now they are planning to have him crash on the couch.
Fey's dad's job ends in April. He and Auntie are talking about a veggie garden. I hope they plant collards. I haven't had any in a while, Try over a year. Maybe I sneak in a plant or two.
Organize, clean, work, sleep- there is my life right now. Yeah!

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  1. thinking 4 people can sustain the household? wow you guys are going to be crazy! one guy in the group of 3 women he should feel honored that you ladies trust and love your pet. is he bringing a pet too?-wait he is a pet. hehehehe.


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