Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Go Fey

Yeah I forgot about this post. I am very sorry. Fey passed her insurance test and should get everything in the mail soon. I enjoyed a day running around with Fluffy. He is fun to hang around once and a while. He comes up next weekend. Fluffy's work is going to be closed for a remodelling. This should be fun.
Fey and I have a lot of fun tonight. We occasionally play Lego Star Wars II. I do okay as long as I don't end up with a light saber. We call it the 'Special Jedi' group. The name came up after we died A LOT. We may finish the trilogy by Christmas(I hope.).
I am still waiting on my birth certificate to come in the mail. If I don't see anything about it by Monday I am going to call the health office. I am still debating if I am going to keep trying to do the thing with the insurance company. I may not be able to get anyone. And it involves more money that I don't have right now.
The Seneca County Fair is going on this week, Fey is taking me to it tomorrow. I hope to have pictures for everyone later this week.
The tow pictures below are Fey and Ayden sleeping on our last trip. I didn't get much sleep that time. Fey hasn't fixed the thing with her licence. I am not sure if I want her driving right now. She hasn't been behind the wheel in almost a year now.

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