Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It makes me wonder. . .

if anyone is reading this thing anymore. I haven't receive feed back from my family at all. Heck some haven't updated theirs in a few months now. I do enjoy this. I hope to hear from people soon. I will continue to participate in some of the things I do, but I am getting rid of the other blog.

The weather has been alright. It cooled down for a while. The hot dogs where still frozen at dinner so I boiled them to break them up and then we cooked over the fire, Yum. I also tried brownies with zucchini. They turn out wonderful.

The car is starting to act up. I am hoping that it holds together till next year. At 15 years old, It has had a long life(I have own it for over 3). I a not planning to get a large wagon next.

Well time for dishes, maybe, I am not sure of I am up to doing them tonight

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  1. Hey not my fault it won't let me post comments . . . I have been reading and I let mom read them everytime you have an update. so :P I just being lazy when it comes to updating mine(My rabbitry one and my regular one)


Good Luck.

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