Monday, August 31, 2009

Time to play catch up

Auntie has told me that I have been a little off lately. I never put up a menu for last week and I don't think I will this week either. My ankle stopped hurting on Wednesday. Friday I was trying to make a cross between French fries and potato chips. Third slice in, I cut my pointer figure. Pet finished cutting the potatoes for me.
Fey flea bombed the house today. I stayed out side with the fuzzy ones. She also made dinner. Auntie's room is clean(as is all the rest of the rooms). The laundry has been running all day. I think I will be going all day tomorrow as well.
They had the tournament on Thursday. It wasn't to bad. We learned a a few things to do next year.
The weather has been cooler lately. I pulled out a blanket to sleep with.

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