Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Columbus Zoo and Ren feast

I do apologize for how late this post is. Last Wednesday Fey took Auntie, Fluffy and me to the Columbus Zoo. On Sunday, Fey, Cko, and I went to the Renaissance Festival. The day in the middle of the two I was working.

This was part of the decor in a section of the zoo.

People can pay to feed the Lorikeets. Fey got the most on her. I didn't feel like feeding them.
She(I think) was trying to come over to see the people. Now I know what Nintendo was basing Lanky off of.
Just some random sign work on the wall. I thought it was funny.

Fun and Free.

The Pigasus, a book store.

There was a lot of people sword fighting there. We didn't stay to watch them.

This was the Queen.

He did the announcing for the jousting. The horses where all rescued from being killed.

This is one of the participants. The crowd was divided in half and we cheer for one of the two. He was ours. I thought he was funny.

One of the passes.

Free photo shots. Cko couldn't reach in the second picture. Fey was on a rock in the back.

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