Monday, June 1, 2009

Random Pictures

See I got the seeds ready for Aunt Boo. I even mailed them.

Creamy was playing on the car. The clothes got an extra rinse when we got a severe thunderstorm.

Ayden had all of his feet in a row.

Ayden plays guard dog for the bathroom.

Pizza-braid. It didn't look as good as the pictures but it can out okay.

The pet and someone from Ampgard sparing.

More fighting.

Fried Vegetables. I think this was broccoli.


  1. Yummy!!! The food looks good. Creamy is a cute cat!!!

  2. I love Creamy, and my little boy Ayden. SUch a charmer, isn't he?
    Boys will be boys, sparing, fighting what ever suits their needs.

  3. The food DOES look very yummy.. and thanks for sending the seeds on to plant another garden.


Good Luck.

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