Monday, June 1, 2009

Random Pictures

See I got the seeds ready for Aunt Boo. I even mailed them.

Creamy was playing on the car. The clothes got an extra rinse when we got a severe thunderstorm.

Ayden had all of his feet in a row.

Ayden plays guard dog for the bathroom.

Pizza-braid. It didn't look as good as the pictures but it can out okay.

The pet and someone from Ampgard sparing.

More fighting.

Fried Vegetables. I think this was broccoli.


  1. Yummy!!! The food looks good. Creamy is a cute cat!!!

  2. I love Creamy, and my little boy Ayden. SUch a charmer, isn't he?
    Boys will be boys, sparing, fighting what ever suits their needs.

  3. The food DOES look very yummy.. and thanks for sending the seeds on to plant another garden.