Monday, July 6, 2009

Still Waiting

On my camera, Mom hasn't sent it to me yet. The picture is off of Auntie's. I finally finished the dress that I had been wanting to do. There is the picture of it. I think I am going to find a light sweater to put over top. There is enough fabric left to make one for Fey, but I am going to shorten it to her knees.
Ayden had been using the 'cat' door for a while. He figure out that when we walk out the other door, he runs out the little door and runs around to the front. We have to close the back door when we all leave. Good news is that he going out when every he needs to and doesn't have to wait of any of us.
The Fourth of July was fun, Ayden, Fey, Auntie and I when to the park and watched the fireworks. Ayden wasn't too fond of them. Sunday we all ate a good dinner at Fey's parents house. Ribs, Stuffing, German sting beans, and homemade potato salad. I made the potato salad.

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